Hello, this is TeaRoses. Below is a list of my fanfiction.
The Fanfiction is almost all Rocketshippy (Jesse and James Romance) so if you don't like that you probably don't want to read them.
Please excuse the variant spellings of Jesse's name in these stories... they were written at different times.
Thank you so much to ArkNorth for my new page mascot, Shippo from Inu-Yasha! And, I'd also like to say thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay!

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Unprepared for Trouble
A very silly fic, almost a parody

Save the Date
This one may be a bit mushy...

The Banquet
I tried to stay as in character as possible for this one.

Dance With Me
In which even Misty discovers that James is a cool guy.

The Wedding Night
Not as steamy as it sounds... but it is romantic.

A subdued fic, from James point of view

The sequel to Humiliation, from Jesse's point of view

Another attempt to capture Pikachu, from James' point of view

The Gym Leader
A basically serious, rather emotional fic about James and jealousy

The Break-In
A humorous fic from Misty's point of view

Koto Music
Another humorous one, inspired by a CD of Japanese koto music.

Another Rotten Day
A really short fic, a parody based on a dream

The Haunters and the Beautiful People
A fairy tale starring our favorite Team Rocket characters

The Dare
Meowth dares James... well, read it ^_^

Meowths and Humans
Jesse, James and Meowth gain some travelling companions

Meowths and Humans 2
The story continues... more to come I hope!

A Shipfull of Strange
This is NOT based on "A Shipfull of Shivers"
It's just a very strange fic I wrote after listening to Sloop John B
by the Beach Boys a bunch of times

Hope (Multiple Chapters)
A long, serious fic. Contains some (non-graphic) violence.

An Independent Job (Multiple Chapters)
Another long, serious fic, not as shippy as the sequels. For this one I borrowed an idea from Toshihiro Ono's Manga Contains some (non-graphic) violence

Dream Vacation (Multiple Chapters)
A sequel of sorts to An Independent Job, with a plot based on a dream I had. Long, but the parts are rather short.

Challenge (Multiple Chapters)
The sequel to An Indendent Job and Dream Vacation, long but again the parts are small. Also contains some (non-graphic) violence.

Success (Multiple Chapters)
Part 4, the sequel to Challenge

Technically, this comes after Success, so I'll put it here
But really it's a short silly fic that concentrates on my favorite gym leader couple

Traveling (Multiple Chapters)
A weird surreal fic from Jesse's point of view

Rocket Detective (Multiple Chapters)
A murder mystery. Jesse plays detective to help James

A serious story where Jesse meets her mother again... Please be aware that it has adult themes.

Other Pokemon Fanfictions (may also contain Rocketshippiness ^_^)

Mondo in Trouble
A humorous Dittoshippy fanfic about Mondo and Duplica -- no offense is intended to anyone who doesn't like that idea. This one is definitely rated G, I read it to a small child.

Mondo in Love
The Dittoshippy and Rocketshippy sequel to Mondo in Trouble

Cassandra in the Forest
This is my "Canshippy" fic, based on an idea by SadMewTwo. "Canshipping" involves Seymour the Scientist from the "Clefairy and the Moonstone" episode and Cassandra from "The Problem with Paras". No offense is intended to anyone who doesn't like this idea either, and the fic is just silly fun.

House Call
This is a mushy little gymshippy (Brock & Misty) fic written on request. Please don't be offended if you are, for example, an Ash & Misty fan. I'm an Ash & Misty fan myself. But I did have fun putting Brock and Misty together in this little fic

The Tale of Tack and Cate
A little story about two raticates, written on request

A New Path
A non-shippy, non-Team Rocket fic about my favorite gym leader, Koga

The Search
Not a sequel to A New Path, it's a serious Venoshippy fic (Koga & Sabrina)
It's based on the anime, (though I do think Sabrina's a bit older) not the Gameboy...
and of course no offense meant

Out of the Past -- the sequel to The Search
A dramatic-type fic with mature themes. This gives my version of the origins a certain gym leader in the G/S Gameboy

The Festival
Just a little Venoshippy vignette

The Date
Well, it's supposed to be the sequel to the Festival but it's extremely silly... Read at your own risk ^_^;;

Cold World
A dark Venoshippy fic, inspired by the fact that in the Pokemon Adventures manga, Koga is a Team Rocket member. I'd give this one a PG-13 rating.

Haunted -- NEW --
An emotional (OK, mushy) Venoshippy and Rocketshippy fic, very loosely based on "Haunting my Dreams" from the Ono manga.

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I would like to note that my fics are PG or PG-13, and may not be suitable for small children.
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