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I hear you asking: Walter x Seras? Does that mean what I think it does? Indeed it does! And yes, I am talking about Walter C. Dornez and Seras Victoria of the anime and manga Hellsing. While they seem to be friendly acquaintances and occasional comrades-in-arms, this website is dedicated to the unusual concept that they would make an excellent romantic couple. Even if you find the romance part a bit odd or unbelievable, perhaps the idea of basic compatibility or further interaction between these two is of interest. So, Walter x Seras: Canon? Never. Insane? Certainly! Intriguing? I hope so. Feel free to read on!

Last Update: January 21, 2005, by dasAoD Four lovely new fan pictures of the happy couple and some minor tweaks. New fanfiction will be added soon. Apologies to all WalterxSeras fans, for the lack of updates!
( And my personal apologies to Shadsie, for messing around with her HTML. *grin* )
Edit: Eight new WxS stories have now been added to the site. ( Six general audience stories, two adult ones... ) Enjoy! And keep the fanworks coming!

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